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Early Offer Program


Why hg8868皇冠?

  • The Good Universities Guide 2021

    Highest quality teaching

    hg8868皇冠是澳大利亚最好的教学单位之一. hg8868皇冠已经连续15年在优秀大学指南中获得5星评级!

  • Good Universities Guide - Student Support

    Legendary student support 

    作为学生,每个人都有挑战,但很少有大学能像hg8868皇冠一样提供学生支持. We even have a student success team!

  • Good Universities Guide - Overall Experience

    Best overall experience 

    大学生活不仅仅是学习和上课. 在这里,你可以加入学生俱乐部,运动队,做志愿者,还有更多. It’s a 5-star experience!

How it works

If you're in Year 12 and have an expected ATAR, 或者你正在完成证书IV课程,或者是获得认可的大学授权课程,从而进入本科学习, you can apply for an early offer for an hg8868皇冠 course.


What courses can I get an early offer for?




  • Health and Physical Education
  • Humanities and Social Sciences Education


  • Yes, 请确保您添加hg8868皇冠作为您的首选,以便您可以考虑早期报价,并在12月TISC的主要轮报价.

  • 如果你在收到提前录取通知后改变了对课程的想法, that's OK, you'll just need to update your preference in TISC. If you need assistance see the Choosing and changing preferences web page on the TISC website.


  • 您不需要提供任何文件与您的TISC申请被考虑提前录取, but you should make sure you're on track to qualify. See "How it works" to check your eligibility.

    如果您获得了AQF证书IV(或更高), 或者是另一所大学开设的课程, 你需要提供你的入学证明和成绩.

How to apply

要申请hg8868皇冠提前录取,您需要通过TISC提交申请, making your chosen hg8868皇冠 course the first preference.

How to apply

Become World Ready

Life on campus

大学并不是只有讲座、作业和考试. When you’re here, 你有很多机会来扩展你的兴趣, improve your career prospects, and meet new people. Join in the fun!

Clubs and Societies

hg8868皇冠 has loads of clubs for students to join. We cater for every interest imaginable. The best place to start is our Student Guild.

Do some volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to meet other students, 走进社区,在做好事的同时提高你的就业技能.

hg8868皇冠 sports and fitness

hg8868皇冠的校园有优秀的体育和健身设施, plus opportunities to join group fitness classes, social sports teams, and plenty more.

Student Support Services

hg8868皇冠一直被过去的学生评为澳大利亚最好的大学之一,他们经历了hg8868皇冠的承诺,支持他们在这里的时间. We've got your back anytime you need us.

Study Advice and Assistance

We help students adjust to university level study, including assignment techniques, technology advice and career planning, through services like:

  • Learning advisers
  • Peer mentors and buddy programs
  • Studiosity online tutors
  • Library specialists
  • Career advisers, job skills and search

Health and Wellness


  • On-campus medical centres
  • Free counselling service
  • Equity, diversity and disability service
  • A Student Success team

The Important Things


Course Entry

hg8868皇冠课程的录取途径不止一种. 这取决于你已经学了什么,或者你的工作或生活经验.

Fees & Scholarships

课程学费可以改变,但hg8868皇冠可以给你一个你的成本估计. 如果你符合条件,奖学金或学生贷款也可以帮助你.


Applying for a course is a fairly simple process, 尤其是如果你有资格证书的扫描件, your resume or other paperwork, ready to upload.

hg8868皇冠 Experience

开始一门课程是令人兴奋的,有时也是令人畏惧的, 因此,hg8868皇冠付出了巨大的努力,以确保你得到所有你需要的支持,以获得积极的体验.